Scoutbook+ Roster group by den view

What order is this in? It seems to be no logical order. When I group my roster by Den it shows in this order: AOL, Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos. Now it might seem like this is in good order for the last 5 dens, by why is AOL listed first?

Also when NOT grouping by dens it might be nice to be able to SORT by dens.

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There is a story in the backlog to properly sort the dens by rank so that Lion is first and AOL is last.

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I agree, some of our scouts have joined at mid program year and do not have the same rank as others within the dens. In “Scoutbook” you could view or sort by the dens. Also having the Den Chiefs be able to link to their dens they are assigned with would be great.

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