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Scoutbook Roster Different than My.Scouting.org Roster for YPT Reports

I am running reports for YPT training getting my Troop ready for recharter and I noticed that there is a significant difference between the # on roster of adults on scoutbook from the “roster” when I run a YPT report on my.scouting.org for the unit. The My.scouting report shows 27 adults (using my.scouting.org tools when running report in scoutbook, while my scoutbook roster for report for YPT shows 49 adults (run inside SB, not using my.scouting tools). Not sure why there is a difference, but it is concerning.

Are you running a roster report


a YPT Status Report

Or Show adult YPT Status

The first (roster report) will show both parents and leaders unless you uncheck selection box

The second shows leaders

The third (from feature assistant extension) shows parents as well

In addition if you have end dated any leaders in scoutbook they will not show

my scouting is showing registered leaders

I ran a roster report as well. They do not match.
The SB roster has 49 adult leaders, while the my.scouting.org roster has 27.
Not sure why the difference.

Well your my.scouting.org is the most accurate of true registrations

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Have people been manually added as leaders to your scoutbook roster who are not registered with your unit. Also are any of your leaders duped on the scoutbook roster?

I thought that Scoutbook was supposed to mirror the scouting.org database.

No manual additions by me. I haven’t added folks manually since they linked it to Akela.

I have heard there are problems with Scoutbook and the Baltimore Area Council with Merit Badge Counselors and some other issues. Perhaps this is another technical snafu?

@AdamSpence - when you go to the unit page then roster, what is the count on the leader side of that page ? Additionally, if there is someone listed there who is not in MYST, what is their position ?

The unit leaders in SB under the roster shows 49.
My.scouting.org shows only 27. Some of the omitted have been with the unit for 15+ years.

They are all committee members or ASMs cept for the COR and the SM.

Baltimore Area Council had some issues with MB counselors synching to national. I wonder if this is part of the same issue.

When I run the Roster, it shows Leaders (50) Scouts (103).
Here are the numbers I get when i run the following reports.

Are the people who are not on your my.scouting roster people who you think should be registered leaders?

Absolutely. We registered at least 45 or more leaders with our last recharter at the end of 2019. None were “removed” or “deleted” by us. I noticed that some of the missing leaders are registered MB counselors (although one was not) with District. Also, some of the “not missing” leaders are also registered MB counselors with District, including myself.

That sounds like an issue for your council then.

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based on the above numbers on the graphic sb shows 28 REGISTERED leaders in your unit which syncs up with the 27 at my.scouting (rounding difference). The 50 on that graphic matches the 50 on the roster report which is probably running all adults associated with unit (including parents). The people listed at my scouting and those 2 other reports (at 28) will not include un registered parents or MBC (those are not a unit leadership position but a district position).


No we have a slew of more parents that are shown on our roster in addition to the 50 leaders. Some of the folks that were dropped off on national report haven’t had sons in our troop for nearly 20 years. Definitely missing some of our leaders. Also, all of the missing MBCs are also Unit Comm Members or ASMs.

I agree with @jacobfetzer. Your unit probably needs to have a conversation with your council registrar to see what’s happening with your my.scouting roster.

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Because there are two different systems tracking membership with two different sets of admins running them, each unit needs a person to “own” the “Membership Coordinator” position. This person would compare the the systems multiple times during the year and resolve all discrepancies. When someone stays on top of this, then problems are few and get fixed in a timely manner. And both rosters are more accurate, making recharter much easier.


The Plot Thickens. Look at these two images:

on SB Roster with the main page. 2 Different Leader Numbers (50v29) !!!

What in the world is going on?

This is true. As Scoutmaster, I do this, but it could easily be the committee chair, or in bigger units, Membership Coordinator. If we had 51 adults, I think a Membership Coordinator would be a great idea. Sometimes, this would classically be a “Secretary” type role.

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Of the 50 on your SB roster, how many have a green shield by their name? How many say pending? That’s the difference between the two counts within scoutbook. That likely also explains why some were not dropped from SB when they were dropped from your official roster.

Regardless, your primary issue is with your official roster. So, you need to work with your council to update that.

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For comparison, here are details for my pack:

  • Listing of leader positions = 29 positions filled
    1 Chartered Organization Head/Executive Officer (EO)
    3 Unit Scouter Reserve (USR)
    . . . 1 not approved Unit Scouter Reserve (scout bridged, leader did not transfer out)
    9 Lion and Tiger Adult Partners w/o another position
    . . . We include both parents, this adds 1 more than My.Scouting would have.
    . . . 2 Lions have not completed registration yet, so their parent is not on My.Scouting roster
    1 Chartered Organization Representative
    1 Cubmaster
    1 Assistant Cubmaster
    4 Webelos Den Leaders
    1 Assistant Webelos Den Leader
    2 Den Leaders
    1 Assistant Den Leader
    0 Committee Chair (resigned in Sep)
    6 Committee Members (includes Pack Trainer)


  • Unit home page shows 26 leaders (with 46 scouts)
  • Unit roster page shows 29 leaders
    . . . EO and 1 Tiger Partner are pending, 1 USR not approved (these may account for the 26 vs 29 difference)
  • Feature Assistant Extension Report - Show Adult YPT Status = 27 leaders (plus parent section for all non-leader parents = 45 parents)
    . . . does not include EO or unapproved USR


  • Member Manager = 29 adults are registered with the pack (3 not included above and will drop at recharter)
    . . . 6 Lion and Tiger Adult Partners (1 dropped in Sep)
    . . . 4 USR (1 parent of scout who transferred out in Sep)
    . . . 1 Committee Chair (resigned)
    . . . other positions match list above
  • Training Manager = 22 leaders, all current on YPT
    . . . matches Member manager list minus Executive Officer and Adult Partners