Unable to add counselors on my sons account

I need to add a counselor to my son’s Paining MB. However every time I click on invite a counselor Scout book only allows me to add a family member or other family member. Merit Badge Counselor and Adult leader is greyed out. It does not give me the option to look for existing MB Counselors. My other children’s account I am able to do this.

Something to note as this account was created before BSA took ownership of, however this must be a problem from a recent update as I have been able to add other counselors to his Merit Badges. Note I do have full control.

I also noticed I do not have the option to delete the Merit badges any longer as well.


This is a known issue. There are 2 workarounds:

  1. Ask a unit Key 3 member to make the connection.
  2. Ask the MBC to make the connection using your son’s BSA Member ID and last name.

The developers are working on a fix but at this time we do not have an ETA for release.

Thank you! This seems to be a scattered problem since January according to the Forums. I say scattered as I was just able to add my the same counselor to my daughters MB and my assistant can add MBC for her kids. I am still betting on it has something to do with the older account. If my son wasn’t so far ahead I would ask the council to recreate his account especially since they have his middle name spelled wrong and his DOB is set to his older brother.


It has nothing to do with the age of your son’s account. It is because you are not Key 3 in your son’s unit. You can connect an MBC to your daughter because you are Key 3 (Scoutmaster) in her unit.

@AdrianneDavis Your local council should be able to correct your son’s date of birth and spelling of his middle name by using their Registrar Tools.

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