Scoutbook seems to mix Pack and Troop Data

I am, at least short term, Scoutmaster for our Troop and Cubmaster for our Pack. As such, my account give me access to the data for both units. Pack is using Scoutbook for all advancement. Troop is using IA2.0 for advancement.

When I am in Scoutbook processing Pack advancement, I select the Pack as the data set I want to work with. Seems clean since only the Pack roster appears and is worked with to do any final approvals, print shopping lists, advancement reports, etc. There is a point when advancement is accepted and reports are generated and everything is competed when a new list (roster) pops up that that is all Troop members even though I have not selected the Troop data set. This is seemingly a cross-link of the data sets that shouldn’t be happening.

Can you be more specific about where you are working within Scoutbook? Are you in the needs approval or needs purchasing reports?

I believe I made the approvals and then printed the report. Once the report was finished being processed and printed, the screen refreshed and listed Troop data and not the Pack data. If I wanted to see Pack data again, I had to go up and select the Pack as the data set I wanted to work with.

OK, it looks like you are talking about needs purchasing. There are radio buttons at the top that let you choose your unit, and the issue is that it always goes back to the first unit on the list. Is that right?

Having been involved in multiple units since we first moved to scoutbook, it has always moved to the next unit when done with needs purchasing particularly if the other unit has items to approve and purchase. I do not know if I would consider it a bug.

I do see a potential enhancement request to allow a default unit. For me, when I have items for both pack and troop, it automatically goes to the first on the list, the troop. I’d personally prefer it go to my pack since my role in the pack has me looking at awards more than my role in the troop. That said, this probably isn’t a very high priority… unless there’s more going on for the OP than I am seeing.

Since you are Key 3 in 2 units you are a unit admin in Scoutbook for both units, you have access to the Needs Approval, Needs Purchasing and Needs Awarding reports for each unit. As Jacob said, the interface for the Needs reports shows radio buttons for every unit that has items waiting.

Since you completed the purchase order for the pack (I presume you mean you closed it) there are no more items needing to be purchased for the pack. Since you are still in the Needs Purchasing Report, Scoutbook will show you data for the other unit. This is working as designed.

Internet Advancement and Scoutbook share the Scoutbook database so anything entered in Internet Advancement that has not been purchased, will show up on the Scoutbook Needs Purchasing report.

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Thanks all for the replies. In my view, this is a bug - they program is telling me I’m done working with one units data set when I might not be. I should be the one to decide when to switch data sets. Consider that I have two companies in QuickBooks and I have full admin rights for both. Then consider that I finish working through the Pay Bills section for company B (“close” it in edavignon parlance) and then get a screen for company A because QuickBooks has assumed I am done working with company B data. This would definitely be a bug in QuickBooks.
At this time we don’t use SB for the Troop. This is by design since the overall consensus of the committee is that SB is not as robust a tool for tracking all Scouts BSA related data. So we use a third party tool and upload advancement through IA2.0. This has always been a clean one-time process through to the end so there shouldn’t be any Scouts BSA Scout data that requires approval or Purchasing Reports or Advancement Reports in SB.
I’ll have to keep a closer eye on this when we process Pack advancement for the Feb Pack meeting and make more detailed notes of the Troop data that pops up.

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