Scoutbook sending wrong time; looked at time zone selections for troop, no EST option?


We have a girls and boys troop. The girls troop calendar is sending times 1 hour ahead of selected time. ie: time written on event is 7pm, reminder saying 6pm. The boys’ reminders are correct, 7pm.
In the Edit Troop section, the boys troop has a time zone “UTC-5 Eastern Time US&Canada”. On the girls edit troop time zone drop down, EST is not an option. The closest is “Indiana East”
How do I get SB to send reminders to accurately indicate the time selected on the event?

Thank you

There are dozens of options on the dropdown. Are you not seeing that many?

Yes, you are correct that there are dozens of choices. Eastern Standard time should have been in the -5 section but was not there. The time zone line for the girls troop was blank.
I changed it to Indiana since that was the closest to EST.

I just took another look and clicked around a bit.
I may have fixed it by choosing the Indiana time and then looking back at the drop down. It looks like the EST time option is now showing up in the drop down after I chose a different selection. IDK why it didn’t show up when the line was blank.
I did a test run reminder to myself and I think it worked. It will send a reminder out a few hours before the meeting. I don’t want to spam the troop with a bunch of test reminders.

I appreciate you looking at it. If my switch back and forth to the Indiana time zone didn’t work, I will reply again.


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