Scoutbook showing multiple parents

When I am creating an event in scoutbook and I select all leaders & parents, some have 2 icons where they can reply. How do I get rid of one? How do I know which one to get rid of?

Also my account has a message stating there is another account with my same email address. I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 1494 but the wrong/other me in scoutbook is linked as the scoutmaster. How do I correct this?


You have 2 Scoutbook accounts, which I will fix. This will correct the Dup e-mail message.

Post the BSA Member IDs or Scoutbook User IDs of the duplicate parents (no names) and we will investigate. Please tell us which ID you are posting.


I sent you a private message. Click on the tan circle with white K in the upper right of your forum window.

Here are the Scoutbook Member Id’s for the Scouts with duplicate parents.





Thank you for all you do. I greatly appreciate your help.


11711749 - Parent initials ALi is fixed. Parent needs to log in with Google Login. *
524710 - Parent initials ALa is fixed. Parent needs to log in with e-mail address. Verify e-mail address in SB is correct.

For the first parent, I recommend having your Council use Registrar Tools, look up her child and add the child under the relationships tab.

I’ll work on the others next.

524705 - Parent 1 initials CS is fixed. Parent needs to use the part of the e-mail address before @ to log in.
524705 - Parent 2 initials GS is fixed. Parent needs to use the ID used to login on 9/18/23.

488619 - Parent initials TV is fixed. Parent needs to login with the Google Login button.

I recommend contacting your Council and asking them to look up the Scouts and using Regsitrar Tools to add the Parent/Child relationship on the relationship tab for all 3 of these parents.

Thank you so much.

For Scout 524710 I am still seeing a multiple parent. The mom is now only one, but the dad still shows up twice. Are you seeing that?

The database is only showing me 2 different parents connected to 524710 with initials AL and JL. Can you post a screen shot in the private message I sent earlier?


We found a 2nd account for the father. He had one account connected to the Scout as Parent/Guardian and one that was not.

I have merged the accounts. The father needs to use Google Login.

Your council should connected the parent and Scout using the relationships tab in Registrar Tools.