TM file uploaded successfully to scout book but no pending activity and no scout book purchase report notification

Hello, my troop master .txt file was successfully uploaded to scout book, but for over 24 hours nothing shows under my pending activities and a badge purchase report has not populated to my internet advancement area. I did not receive an error report during the import process. I received a “file successfully uploaded” notification. Thanks in advance for your help!

@BlairRichert are you saying a Purchase Order or Advancement Report was not produced?

Correct, even though the file was uploaded successfully.

@BlairRichert Can you give me a Scout BSA # and an Advancement in the upload? Like 9987354 Swimming MB

Thank you! TX Troop 990 and BSA ID# 134116743 and earned Life Rank 2/6/23

@BlairRichert reported to developers

Thank you! I have learned that a pack transferred some of their scouts to our scoutbook roster. I wonder if the timing of my report verses this transfer could be triggering an issue? But at the time that I imported the file, I received a “file uploaded successfully” notification.

No it would just flag the new Scouts

Same here. I uploaded a file this morning with 2 ranks earned. Nothing in Pending Items (“No records to display”) and my History (“No records to display”) is gone. All I can see is my Roster. Scoutbook shows Needs Awarding and I had to create a PO. What happened to IA?

I need to do another screenshare with someone having this issue to get a little more data

So, instead of seeing this (below) to run a report, there was nothing for me to run after 24 hours.

As if I had never uploaded a file at all. No Advancement Report Preview was available. No “Pending”.

I checked in Scoutbook and eventually IA and saw that the scouts had their advancement that I had uploaded in their record.

I had to create a PO and close it to obtain the advancement report for the Scout Shop when I click “Reports” on the left and then “Purchase History”, whereas before I could access it immediately after the upload was processed.

My history is gone, but at least I can find my previous advancement reports in “Reports” > “Purchase History”.

I did notice that at the top of my screen there was a notification that IA had an update available.

After uploading my file, I figured I’d download the update since I had no more advancement to upload.

What was the update?

I hope I am making sense.

Thank you for all that you do.

Mary Harding


@MaryHarding so did you make PO in Scoutbook or IA?


Thank you.



I’m too chicken to “Refresh” for the update. What is in the update?



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So I went ahead and “Refreshed” IA and my “History” is back!

Thank you.


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@MaryHarding impossible to say cause who knows what version you are on - but simple answer is fixes to issues

Again, thank you!



@MaryHarding @BlairRichert We think this is fixed if you can check

I’m good at my end.

Thank you!



Hi Mr. McNeil, thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter. I was away for the weekend and had not returned to the forums. I have read over the continued thread between you and Mary and I am not sure I follow everything, but I have checked my internet advancement area and there was a notification that my report had uploaded and I was able to access it now.
I am really appreciative of how quickly you helped us to resolve this issue!

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