My troop uses the scoutbucks feature to keep track of the amount scouts have on the books. Since I became the Treasure for our Troop, scoutbook would let me add and subtract amounts in scoutbucks but then one day stopped letting me do anything. When I click on the scouts scoutbucks it brings me back to my home page. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

From what I see the last time you logged in to Scoutbook was 7/27/22. Are you logging in with your ID llhangge127?

Yes, I am using that log in. As soon as I hit the scouts payment log it takes me back to my home screen. The weird thing is that I was in the middle of entering in the scouts payment logs when it just stopped letting me do it. At first I thought maybe I had entered too many for one day, but I have checked many times and it still wont let me do it.

There are a number of scouts you do not have a high enough connection to - might want to have your admin check that

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