Scouting App Not Showing 2024 Advancement Correctly

I am having problems viewing 2024 advancement for my recently-advanced Webelos scout in the Scouting Mobile App.

  1. Under Cub Rank, the app says my scout has earned Bear and is now working toward both Webelos and AOL. If I tap on “See All,” there are no eligible ranks listed. Everything is listed under ineligible ranks. Scoutbook+ correctly reflects that he is working on 2024 Webelos requirements and that he is not eligible to work on AOL because he is in a Webelos den.

  2. Under Webelos Adventures, the dashboard correctly reflects the adventure he has completed and the adventures he is working on. However, if I tap on “See All,” it shows both Webelos and AOL adventures.

    a. For the required Webelos adventures, I think it is listing both the 2022 and 2024 adventures. I’m not sure on the AOL adventures, since I don’t have those handy.

    b. For the elective adventures, it does not show any of the 2024 adventures unless I first record progress in Scoutbook+. After a requirement is marked as completed in Scoutbook+, the adventure then shows correctly in the mobile app.

I realize there are a lot of moving pieces, but would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

On #1, if I set the Webelos requirements version to 2022 in Scoutbook+, the Scouting mobile app shows both Webelos and AOL under eligible ranks. Toggling back to the 2024 requirements moves both Webelos and AOL down to the ineligible ranks section again.


The Scouting Mobile App has not yet been updated for the 2024 Cub Scout program. The priority was to get Scoutbook Plus working in time for the June 1 start. We recommend using Scoutbook Plus until the Scouting Mobile App is updated.

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OK, thank you. In the interim, perhaps some sort of alert or notice to this effect can be added, especially since at least some of the Scoutbook Plus roll-out materials point parents to the mobile app as the recommended portal.