Scoutmaster has caution tag and read-only access on Connection Manager

Our Scoutmaster has an active Scoutmaster role and Admin rights but only has View Only access in connection manager - and is the only adult leader to have this problem. He’s registered and his YPT is up to date. I don’t know what else to change to fix this. His BSA ID is 12671482.


@RobertHund that BSA Number is not registered - very common name let me see if I can find a registration

BSA member number should be 12744652.

@RobertHund something switched the MID - but it is fixed in SB - He has a @yahoo email and a @gmail

Interesting…I’ll also check with our registrar.

Thanks Donovan!

That worked.

I have two others (this time scouts): 135198054 and 13750684. Not sure how I could rectify these myself?


Was registered with Pack 310 with an expiration of 12/31/21.

Was registered with Pack 310 with an expiration of 12/31/21.

You will need to contact your Council.

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OK, thanks Ed. I wish I knew how all this works. For example, I’ll sometimes use the In Council Transfer feature for a scout and it appears that the scout is in our troop (e.g. autosync shows on) but the parents will only get email (e.g. calendar) notifications from the former troop as if the transfer really didn’t happen. A current example of this is 134955881.

The system doesn’t remove anyone from calendar or vents that were made while a person was a member of the unit. The opposite is true: a person isn’t added to calendar events that were made before a person joined. There are actions / tools to make this better, but those are manual interventions.

It actually does now, but only recently.


Thanks! Awesome. I forgot!

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