Scouts as Adults

I have a couple of scouts who have managed to create an adult account attached to their scout accounts. I am afraid if someone sends a message selecting just the adult we would violate YPT. Both of these scouts are from the same family. One from our girl’s troop and another for the boys’ side.

Scout id: 14148262

Scout id: 14143279

@DonaldClark_Jr what makes you think they have adult accounts? Simply looks like parents invited them to login to their own scout accounts.

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Because when you go into each of those scouts, the scouts name appears below where the parents are listed. Then when you use the Send message function they appear in the adult column. Also when I click on scouts name in the parent list, is shows up as parent / guardian.

OH - the parent made bad accounts somehow??? Give me a few

Man I can only guess how they screwed it up that bad, but still were in Scoutbook - but fixed

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