Scouts BSA History Report shows all scouts with Second Class rank

Running the Scouts BSA History report for my troop in Scoutbook +. Selecting all the Scouts, and when it returns, all the scouts show as Second Class rank. Obviously most of my Scouts are of Ranks other than Second Class. It is pulling the Rank and Completion date from the first Scout and listing that for ALL scouts.

@JosephDitch not sure what you are saying. the history report is only for one scout at a time. Can you show the report but hide names

My steps:

  1. in the troop scoutbook page, under Troop Reports, select the Scouts BSA History Report.
  2. on the new Scoutbook+ page, click on the pencil to select scouts, and select all Scouts
  3. Report returns with all scouts showing the Rank and Completion from the first scout in the list.

So you are looking at this report and screen - I am not seeing that behavior - if you think you are at the bottom of the page there will be an “ref: PD#############” - post that

Also, I get the same behavior if I do the Scouts BSA Individual Advancement Record report. It allows to be run for entire troop, but all Scouts show the rank information from the first scout. If I run the report from a single scout’s page, then the information is correct.

It is possible to run on multiple scouts depending on where you launch the report menu

ref: PD-20240709121536-523915-811031

not sure what you are trying to show - 2nd class dates are cut off

Right, The first scout actually earned his on the 7/1/24 date, the second scout hasn’t even earned Tenderfoot., so definitely could not earn Second Class

@JosephDitch - is there a date on the top line of SC as that part is cut off

No, there is not…

@JosephDitch - a date in the top line is the completed/earned data if I recall correctly. All it is showing you is that they satisfied the requirements on that rank. That they are able to do

here is another example from same report, this scout is actually an Eagle Scout.

This is the Date area - the Eagle you are showing clearly says 4/1/19 not 7/1/24

@Stephen_Hornak The issue, is that the Rank in the header part for the individual is not correct for anyone other than the first individual in the report.

OH. missed that @JosephDitch

@JosephDitch - ok… I ran the report on my crew which are all eagles save for two life scouts and the report listed them all as life following the first scout who is a life scout.

This one might show it better, again, this Scout is an Eagle Scout.

@JosephDitch the IAR is rather out dated and BSA has never updated it. We are working to get a one page report made

@DonovanMcNeil - I see what the BSA History report is doing in this case. If i chose two scouts in my case on an eagle and one with no rank… the header shows both as eagle. If I run it on one scout it is correct in the header data