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Scout's Membership being Ended Daily

DateEnded by SP ExpireInvalidYouthUPsCreatedinSB after 90 Day Lapse

Scout’s membership started being removed daily a couple of days ago. I continue remove the statement and end date daily. How do I stop this from happening every day?

Generally, this occurs when the scout hasn’t been added to your official roster within the 90 days after being added/transferred in Scoutbook. Does the scout appear on your roster in my.scouting.org? Has a new scout/transfer application been turned in for that scout? You probably need to follow-up with the registrar on the issue.

ETA: To prevent them from dropping off while you’re researching, change the start date on the membership to today’s date (gets you another 90 days against the automated checks). Later, once the underlying issue is resolved, you can put the start date back where it belongs.

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and have a Key 3 check member manager to see if the Scout is there

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Thank you. I started a new membership and that seems to be working for now. That fix will get me through rechartering in January.

Talk to council too and have them send in a ticket if they see the Scout

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