Scouts moving from Pack to Troop

We had new scouts move from Pack 330 to Troop 330. I am the advancement coordinator and I do not see the new Scouts added to our Scoutbook. In the past any Scout that joined and filled out the paperwork was added to our roster by Council I think. I have tried to reach out to the Scoutmaster of Pack 330 to get the BSA ID’s but have had no luck. What is the best way to add these new Scouts to our roster without knowing their BSA ID’s? Is there a way to get the ID’s?

Well they have to be transferred by parents or pack in or they need to fill out paper applications and council needs to process them. I would check with whomever handles applications for your unit to begin with.

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The first question is to verify that the transfer applications were received by the council. :^)

In principle, the parents can see their scouts’ BSA IDs by going to My Dashboard → Administration → My Family → Scout’s Name → Edit Profile and scrolling down to the BSA ID field. That’s probably the easiest way to do it.

You could also reach out to your registrar to make sure that they have processed the transfer applications. If so, the new scouts should appear 2-3 days or so afterwards.

Do you know who the registrar for Theodore Roosevelt Council Rough Rider District is and how to contact them?

Registrars are a council-level position, not a district-level one. Most councils list their staff, or at least a contact number/email, on their website. Worst case, you could reach out to your District Executive to get you in contact with the registrar.

Got it thanks for your assistance.

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