Scouts removed from Scout Book

I have two Scouts from Pack 2003 who have been removed from Scoutbook:
(Names removed by moderator)

I don’t have their online IDs and I don’t know how to get their information back. Is there a way to upload them back into Scoutbook?

@FrankClouser - are they on the roster at Iv so their bsa UD will be there.

@Stephen_Hornak - Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, they are not on the Pack roster.

@FrankClouser - if they are not on the roster at then they are not registered.

@FrankClouser It looks like they were dropped at Recharter. They just need to be re-registered.


Thank you very much! Apologies for the extra questions, what action do I need to take. I’m still learning the in’s & out’s of Scoutbook. Do they have to complete a form or application?

Yes they are going to have to re-apply to Scouts as returning scouts

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@FrankClouser - this is not a scoutbook issue but rather a membership issue. They can either submit an application online if that is allowed or paper application.

If the parents re-register the Scouts using the online registration, make sure they check the box that their Scout is a former Scout. The goal is to link up with the same BSA member ID number.

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