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Scoutstong award

Stoutstong award appears on awards drop-down menu but does not appear on advancement report.

@JohnBeattie Are you using Scoutbook or Internet Advancement 2.0?

ScoutStrong PALA is working as expected for me in Scoutbook for a Scout in a troop.

I am using Scoutbook

Can you give any more details? I just marked one as Completed and Approved for a Scout in my troop, and the award showed up on the Advancement Report as expected.

Finally getting back to you.
I have not open purchasing reports
selected Quick entry
selected Enter Awards option
Scrolled down to Scoutstrong PALA
entered completion date of 7/20/20
Checked Leader approved box
Checked Select All under Select Requirements
selected youth
selected Save
received success message
Went to reports menu
selected purchasing order
Under Approved items header message displayed::
There are no awards that need to be purchased at this time.
I have tried this in both Edge and Chrome browsers.

OK, the problem seems to be with Quick Entry for this particular award. I think it is because this award does not have individual requirements listed in Scoutbook. I will report it as a bug.

As a workaround, you can add it by going directly to a Scout’s Awards page.


That worked,

Thanks for your help,


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