Sea scout bugler and Honor Guard

I read bugler was added to the back log. I don’t understand what this means.

I have sea scouts who are BSA Honor Guard members via American Legion Post . Will there be a youth advancement in the near future for the scouts who participate in ceremonies and memorials honoring our veterans?

We also have a scout who is a bugler. There is a bugler patch for Boy Scouts there’s also a bugler patch Sea Scouts can purchase, but there are no official credentials or honorary advancements to select.

It means a request for a change / addition has been logged. When the programmers plan what to work on, they prioritize bugs, then updating to meet current changes to the BSA programs, then feature additions and improvements. The request for a bugler is now on the list of potential feature additions that people asked for. It will be up to that group to prioritize the request.

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Related merit badge

The merit badge should be in the advancement database for path to Eagle Scout.

Sea Scout BSA Bugler

Reference not found yet for a “bugler” or “boatswain piper” badge of office for Sea Scouts BSA in 2022 revision to insignia guide. “bugler” is not a badge of office for Sea Scouts BSA in 2022 revision to insignia guide.

Scouting BSA Troop Bugler

This position of responsibility (POR) should be in advancement database already.

A bugler plays the bugle (or a similar instrument) to mark key moments during the day on troop outings, such as reveille and lights out. (Bugler is not an approved POR for the Eagle Scout rank.)

per Everything You Need to Know About Positions of Responsibility – Scout Life magazine, 2018?, By Aaron Derr, © Boy Scouts of america

Honor guard

For Scout BSA and internet advancement “where to record” question see


Sea Scout bugler badge of office?

@JacquelineWillett What is the source for the badge you are citing. I am not seeing a “bugler” or “boatswain piper” badge of office for Sea Scouts BSA in


@JacquelineWillett may I suggest you submit your request for a program change to your NST Commodore or Council Commodore.

This site is for technical help - the NST & Council Commodores are there for program.

When this question came up last month I asked the National Commodore and was informed they are not POR - and not official - just some units use them internally

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