Search for Existing User doesn't work

For me, the “Search for existing user” feature under Connection Invite for a scout does not work.

In this latest case, I tried to invite a parent to connect with a Scout, and it complains with this message:

“We found at least one user with the same first and last name. Please review the search results above to see if the user already exists.”

However there are no search results above, and when I try to search for this user it says “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

So I’m stuck, I don’t want to check the override box because that seems like it will create a duplicate account, but the search feature seems totally broken.

It has been reported that “ The search feature is broken right now. The developers are working on it.”

Do we have an ETA on the fix? I am having the same issue. I don’t want to create a duplicate parent account unnecessarily, but I want to connect this parent as quickly as I can.

P&G IT does not share ETAs. This seems like it would be a high priority fix, but there are a few of these in play right now with limited resources. Subscribe to the “change log” to see when it is fixed. Assume no in process posts on the status.

Thank you! Where do I find the “Change Log” to subscribe?

It’s in these forums under scoutbook. There are a few different change log forums, such as the following

I have been having this issue for over 2 weeks now. I cannot add leaders to my pack to be Den Leaders because the search keeps coming up with no results when I have all their info on our pack page.

@AndrewCady They should be added to the unit Roster in Scoutbook automatically.

If you post the BSA member numbers of your missing adult leaders, we can take a look. I did find a couple that were missing (due to wrong BSA member number set as primary and multiple Scoutbook userIDs), and I have requested a position sync for them.

137328229 trying to make a Tiger Den Leader.

@AndrewCady That adult needs to register as an adult leader.

He is currently registered as a Tiger Adult Partner. Lion / Tiger Adult Partners are not considered adult leaders by the BSA (because YPT is not required, no criminal background check, and not approved by Chartered Org. Rep.)

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