Send email to group with Events

I am trying to send a message out to our Troop and include events. I click on the right hand side “Insert Upcoming Events” and a popup window opens. There is a drop down arrow at the top, and this is blank and does not allow me to select anything. Then next I can select from a variety of time periods. And then click INSERT. This feature is not working for me. Please help. I am working on an iMac, but I am using the Chrome browser.

Laura Z

Can you try an incognito window?

The dropdown is supposed to allow you to choose the calendar from which to provide events. It’s working for me.

I think I am getting to the bottom of it. I am able to select the calendar choice when I select the Cub Scout Pack since I am the Cubmaster. I am only the Secretary for the Troop. What positions have the authority to send a message or newsletter out? I need to request this change.

Anyone with View Profile of all Scouts can send an email to all Members of the unit. No position is required.

Ed - I can send a message to everyone, but it will not allow me to include calendar events so I can create a full newsletter. I need to know what positions will allow this so I can request from the Scoutmaster. I would have thought this would be doable as secretary.


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