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Sending email to sub-groups

In Scoutbook, is there a way to send emails to pre-defined sub groups, like to “Parents of Den 6” or “Den Leaders of Pack 22”?


If you go to the den page, then Send Message, Scoutbook will pre-select the people associated with that den.

Otherwise, you can use the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook to create your own custom groups. Please be aware that your custom groups are tied to your browser. For more information:

Installation Instructions and Table of Contents


@JenniferOlinger thank you for the quick reply and for the link to Feature Assistant.

I assume if that I am not the den leader of a particular den, there is no fast way to target that den without first setting up a group in Feature Assistant?

You might need to be a Pack Admin or Den Admin to access the Send Message from the den page. I am not sure.

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