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Sending messages to Google Group?

Is it possible to create a “Google Group” leader position with @googlegroups.com email address?
Our troop now uses Scoutbook for messaging but we used to use Google Group for many years and it is now full of Alumni that like to keep up with us. It would be nice to have a contact within Scoutbook for that group to simplify messaging.
I have tried creating this position but have not had success with sending messages from Scoutbook to the Google account.

In theory, it should work. It’s possible that the groups spam filters are turned up higher than regular email addresses, though, and filtering the messages out.

@PatrickWebber - our pack and troop have leader accounts that use their respective G-mail accounts and they are my non-human admin accounts. I gather it should work the same way for you. It s just a unit admin account no more no less.

You may not want it to be on an admin account. Then, any emails that account receives, such as connection stuff, will go to the whole unit. I think a generic leader account might be better.

Yeah that is a good point. We made those administrative accounts back when there was an issue accessing the purchase report.

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