Service Hours Reporting

The JTE is mandating that we report the service hours for the points on the scorecard. I just found out that website is requiring a Unit ID number (same as the old Internet Advancement login number). Since we no longer use the old IA any longer, I had to bother the staff at the council office to retrieve that number for me. This service hour reporting website should be tied into Scoutbook so that reporting can be done instantly when we enter the data into the Service Log.

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A New Log system is being worked on

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I think that, in that case, we would need to make sure that it’s not the “entry” of the service hours, but rather the “Leader Approval” that would trigger logging.

Also, I’m not 100% sure that hours that count for youth advancement would necessarily count toward JTE goals. Consider a youth who participates in a non-Scouting service project, that the SM approves for advancement purposes. That’s not really the unit participating in service projects (JTE scorecard intent), but rather the individual scout (OK for advancement).

The is a good point on JTE as that is overall unit based.

The logging system in development includes leader approval.


As Stephen_Hornak has noted. My understanding is that what needs to be logged for JTE and what is logged for individual advancement are two different things.

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