Settings- Online Application Fees (Add ACH)

Why is there no option for ACH in the Settings for the unit payment methods? I’ve paid recharter with ACH since 2020, but the settings page only allows a unit to add a credit card with additional fees.

@RyanPankoe - this is for online applications to the unit NOT recharter.

@RyanPankoe Please contact your local council.

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@Stephen_Hornak, I understand that. Now that the troop has an option to pay for the online application fees, my question again is, Why is there not an ACH payment method for this in the settings when we’re able to pay for recharter with ACH, so the method is obviously available. It’s not available to us though in these settings for online applications.

@RyanPankoe - talk to your council

@JenniferOlinger Does council have an option for National to collect by ACH? I’m not sure why I would contact the council for this. The bottom line is that if we as a troop decide to collect online registration fees instead of parents paying directly, we would like to pay by ACH to avoid the credit card fees as we did when it was tied to the recharter. If we’re paying the registration for a lot of scouts, this cost can really add up and takes away from the program fees, or we need to charge more dues just to pay the credit card companies. ACH should be an option on this feature. I’d also like to not have to travel to the council every time we do an online registration or involve them for payment because that nullifies the advantages of online registrations.

@RyanPankoe you would talk to council cause they can talk to National - you are not talking to national here

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OK, so if I understand the response, the answer for anyone that is wondering this same question and trying to avoid credit card fees with online registration, is that ACH is not currently an option for online registration and we should ask councils to petition National to add this as a future feature since they removed it when they separated recharter and membership.


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