Several Leaders Suddenly Showing as Non-Registered Leader in SB

Having same issue. Leaders are listed as ‘Non-Registered Leader’ with yellow icon.

I confirmed roster and ScoutBook profile BSA ids match.

BSA Member:131172675
UserID: 6468410 Roster Member ID: 131172675

BSA Member:137150750
UserID: 11684387 Roster Member ID: 137150750

Can you assist?

I am having the same issue. Member ID 129578807
Please advise


You are not a registered leader. The last registration under that BSA Member ID ended in 2014.

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Is anyone here able to help with my issue I posted? I am not sure where to go for support other than this fourm. ScoutBook points me to my local council and the local council says they have no resources that support ScoutBook.

The EO is a known issue

I will report the Committee member - Is it showing all all his stuff or just the Unit Advancement Chair - it could be because he does not have the functional role of UAT in - perhaps it expired at recharter

Our EO had the yellow triangle, but maybe a week ago after an update, the yellow triangle is now gone.

@BrianCollery Could you try clearing your browser cache and cookies and see if you still have the issue?

@JenniferOlinger I logged in today in incognito mode and the issue was resolved for both leaders that I raised. No more yellow icons. Thanks for the support.

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I have a leader that has the wrong BSA ID in Scoutbook, and I can’t determine how to change his ID to the correct one. Council 651, Troop 53, Existing ID is 13300708, and needs to be changed to 136282610.
The duplicate account with the correct ID has other errors and needs to be deleted.
(Both ID’s are valid for this member, but the old one is not recognized by our council. All his training records need to be merged as well, since he has been using his original ID for training)

Has the leader tried adding the “extra” BSA ID to their my.scouting account? They should be able to log in, use Manage Member ID in the left side menu, and add whichever BSA isn’t already there. That should (I think) start the process of merging the training records. It should also simplify things for the accounts.

If both BSA IDs have a background check associated with them, it’s my understanding from posts by SUAC that the BSA systems can’t actually “merge” the records/accounts. It becomes a matter of setting the correct BSA ID as “primary”.

@RichardRyan2 the leader can use Switch SSO to change BSA #

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