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Share troop calendar with packs

Is there a way to share our troop calendar with packs who have scouts interested in joining our troop, without adding a pack leader to our roster?

The only way I know to share the calendar with a non-unit member is to print it out…

You need to enter your Scoutbook log in info to subscribe to the unit calendar, so without giving adding the pack leaders to your adult leader roster, they won’t be able to see anything in your troop calendar.

That’s what I thought. Just wanted to double check that there was not anything I was overlooking. Thank you.

Well you could share the ICS feed

You could add a fake Scout to your troop in Scoutbook, and connect them as parents to it. Put them in a separate patrol (called Prospective Scouts or something similar).

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We have our unit calendar available on our unit webpage via a Google calendar subscribed to the Scoutbook calendar. It doesn’t get all of the details, but folks can publicly see what’s coming up.

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