Sign in with Google forcing Password Reset Issue

I set my kid up on scoutbook so that she could sign in with Google, but since she only signed in through Google, we never set a password. Now every time she signs in with Google, it immediately routes her to the Update Password page. We are unable to update her password because she does not have a “Current Password”.
She is able to access the rest of the site using the navigation but Scoutbook should not force a password reset if the account has Sign in with Google enabled.

Is there any way you can help us resolve this?
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Is she using the Sign in with Google button and not entering her google login data in the Scoutbook UserID field?

She uses Sign in with Google, which does sign her in to Scoutbook successfully. She does not need to enter anything in the UserID field. When you click on Sign in with Google, it just lets you in.

Is this still an issue? The last post almost sounds like it is not.

If it is an issue - First thing to check is to make sure the machine you are using is signed into the Google account.

If so, I recommend trying to sign in to my.scouting with the Google Login. If that is successful, log out and try Scoutbook again.

If it is not successful getting in to my.scouting - log out of the google account on your machine and log into google again, then retry logging into scoutbook or my.scouting

If it still fails, try logging in to my.scouting and changing the login type from Google Login to BSA Credentials.( you can do this by clicking on the avatar icon next to the Welcome your name on the top right, selecting account, and selecting the method) Log out then try logging in to Scoutbook with the new credentials. That should definitely work. If you want to use the Google Login in the future, go back in to my.scouting and change the credential type back.

Thank you. You helped me fix it!
Yes, it was still an issue. Every time we log in, she was redirected to the update password page. We can still could access the rest of the scoutbook site, but it was just annoying.

I tried logging in to under her account using Sign in with Google and did not get an update password page. I then logged out and retried Scoutbook but again was redirected to the update password page.

I then did what you suggested: logged into, changed the authentication method to BSA credentials, then set a password and logged out. Then logged into Scoutbook where it made me update the password again, but this time I did have a user name and password to complete the action. Once the new password was set in Scoutbook, I went back to and set the login back to Sign in with Google and now I’m able to log into both sites without issue. I am not redirected to the update password page when logging in to Scoutbook now.

I still think the redirect to update password page needs to be suppressed when users authenticate using Sign in with Google, but as my specific case is resolved, I’m relieved.


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