Steps for parents to change (or add) their son’s email address in Scoutbook

He (scout) signed into scoutbook and into scouting to test how he could change his email address.

We are only testing and do not really wish to make changes to our profiles. We just want to provide parents in our troop the answer how to as we have a few with this issue.

his email address in his account (scout) is, my email is

The email that appears at the bottom (Home email) under his account is my email address.
I am afraid that if I click EDIT in the “Home Email” area, I would then disable my being copied (as a parent) in any message he receives.

That is not how the system works. You are only copied in emails if you have a parent connection in Scoutbook - I know of no such thing in the MYST (my.scouting) system. HOME simply means main, it is very old language the BSA uses for that.

Essentially, @GigiKarschies, if someone were to try to contact your scout by email, based on the information available in my.scouting (which is likely where things like national campaigns draw from), then they would only end up emailing your email address, and wouldn’t reach him at all (since his email is not on his account in my.scouting). Only you would get that email. However, as the BSA is trying to align the various databases more closely, the profile data management is being migrated away from database interfaces like Scoutbook and into the interface at my.scouting (or IA2), which then pushes out to the other systems. However, emails sent through Scoutbook should send to whatever email address is on file for you in your profile whenever your scout is emailed, regardless of which email address is on file for your scout in their profile.

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There are 2 e-mail types: home or business.
The primary one (whichever it is) should be set as “primary”.
I don’t know what they do with the other (secondary) e-mail addresses, but I think they are mostly ignored.

Ok Thank you. I am just trying to understand.

So, I can direct parents who:

  • have connected with their sons in Scoutbook AND
  • want to have their son change their (scout) email address

to have their son log into Scoutbook, click on Edit Profile (which will redirect them to my.scouting), then click on My Profile (top right drop down) and finally scroll to the bottom. Under Contact section, select Edit in the Home box.

They will then be able to Edit the email address there.

Pls let me know if this is correct?

@GigiKarschies if the log into Scoutbook as the Scout > Click Edit Profile > they go to the Profile section of Internet Advancement (not > they can change the email there.

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Something changed as we did exactly same steps and now it redirects to the image below:

Should he ADD an email address under CONTACT INFORMATION?

His email address is no where to be seen in this page to know that he is changing his email address

It looks like an instructional infographic or video is where this needs to go to guide parents along the process.

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Please Donovan,

I really would like to help these parents. Not having their scouts with their own email address in Scoutbook has a knock-on effect like not being able to add their Swimming classification in Scoutbook.

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I’m not following. Did it not work to add the address?

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I’m sorry, but the answer is not clear.

Should a scout ADD an email address under CONTACT INFORMATION even if the email that appears as “primary” is their parent’s and not their current email (which is the one they wish to change)?

Why not put in their current email?

This is a bug. The developers are working on getting the bug fixed. I do not have an ETA on the fix, but it is something they are actively working on.

Are there updated instructions for parents to invite their scout? I was able to find the old procedure for handling it inside of scoutbook. Now it takes the user the internet “advancement” to add. I am looking for something I can send out parents to get their scouts invited to scoutbook.

Where did you find those outdated instructions? We’d like to update them if they are within our control.

It’s under edit extended info now

Not sure where “edit extended info now” is located.