Still not able to delete approved duplicate service hours

Cannot erase service hours as the advancement chair I should be able to go in and erase or delete. Scoutbook is not letting me do this.

It’s possible, just convoluted. I’m going to start with the assumption that one of the Key 3 members of your unit properly set your advancement chair role in the Organization Security Manager – you can create activities without problems, right?

If that’s the case, here are the steps to delete a service activity…

  1. This can only be done on an event in the past. If it’s a future event, you need to wait on it.
  2. Open the activity by clicking on the pencil icon.
  3. Remove each participant individually by clicking on the “X” by the names.
  4. When you remove the last participant, you’ll get this message about deleting the participant or deleting the activity.

It won’t let me X out the kid.
Just shows them but no x next to it.

I can add with no problems. Batch load with no issues but when I bring up the window like yours there is not any x next to the kids names. It asks me if I want to edit the event but it won’t let me delete or take kid off event. My scoutmaster gave me privileges for everything. Not sure why it doesn’t show up to delete.


See in these two pictures.

@NicoleHavert - try the same process on a pc rather than a mobile device. The results may be different.

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