Strange bugs from merit badge counselor uploads

I upload the merit badge counselor list for Five Rivers Council, but two counselors do not appear when I search their names. I checked every counselor in the Council, but their names do not appear there either. They do not appear as errors on the Scoutbook error spreadsheet. They are registered as MBCs in What is causing this glitch?

@ConstanceCummings you can post BSA# and we can look

Council #375
Counselor’s BSAID#s
Thank you for your offer to help!


The only thing I see that looks strange is that these member’s address in Scoutbook and Akela mismatch. Akela has them in Wellsboro while Scoutbook has them in Honesdale. If you know which is correct, we can sync it to the other.

I sent you a private message, click on your icon in the upper right and then the envelope

Honesdale is a previous address. Wellsboro is their current address. I am using the BSAID#s for the Wellsboro address. Thank you.

I updated their addresses in Scoutbook and

Thank you all! The problem is resolved.

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