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What happened to swim test and health record dates?

Up until recently, each Scout’s profile had fields for swim test dates (and levels) and dates for health checks (Parts A/B and C) and you could build very useful reports using this info. I can no longer find these fields to update them for my scouts. Have they moved?

Still under Edit Profile for the Scout

I could send you a screenshot of the Edit Profile pages for both my son and daughter, or you could take my word for it, but that info isn’t there.

I just checked my Edit Profile page and that info is also missing, although I’m pretty sure it was included in adult leader profiles before.

Brian - you can add screen shots in this forum. I just checked my son and a few other scouts both cub and troop and it is indeed there.

Would prefer not to post profile info to a public forum. Would you please send and email address I could use?

Brian - you could use snipping tool or some other screen grab to capture and edit the image.

Could you please tell me what fields come before and after those fields because they aren’t displaying in our profiles.

Before swim and health are mobile phone number and then followed by boys life after the med form c date

i sent you a direct message

ok, this is my son’s redacted profile page (lower half):

try this - go to your scouts page > click your name to open the connection page > Click Update and nothing else

In response to the private message, this is weird. When I go to my son’s page > Edit Profile, the info in question isn’t there.

When I go to my son’s page > click on my name as Parent/Guardian > click on Edit Profile under Modify Connected Adult, the swim classification and health record data is there.

(When I click on Update from the Modify Connected Adult page, the info only appears on the second Edit Profile page, not the Edit Profile page accessed directly from the scout’s page).

Can we please make this easy again?

Hi, Brian,

I’m not sure what’s going on. No matter how I get to my son’s profile, I can see all of the fields you’re asking about.

Are you a unit admin? I realize that shouldn’t matter, but I’m trying to find a distinguishing feature.

Brian if you have a few minutes I can setup a screenshare to isolate the issue

I still am a Unit Admin for our former Pack, which I am still helping. I am not for Troop 167 B or G.

I just picked a random scout in the Pack, and I can see that info by going to Edit Profile from his page.

That sure looks like the issue. Wouldn’t you want non-admin types, e.g., parents, to be able to enter swim and health info?

ok, but please see comment before yours.

open scoutbook in a Private window and look

Also note that I am still unable to enter the swim and health info in my profile.

OK, tried Scoutbook in Private Window (Safari on Mac OS X 10.14.5) and everything is the same: going to Edit Profile from my son’s page doesn’t display the swim and health info, but clicking on my name from my son’s page and then clicking Edit Profile does display the swim and health info.