Switching Eagle MBs list from Star to Life

Good morning! I am updating old information for a Scout. I can’t mark awarded for his Star Rank because one of the Eagle MBs was awarded afterwards. This was automatically populated by Scoutbook and I need to switch out Env. Sci with Communications.
His user id 7839964

Thank you for your help!

Why do you need to switch Environmental Science with Communications? Did the Scout not earn Environmental Science?

Scoutbook populates the Eagle Required MBs for each rank based on their completion dates. This cannot be changed.

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I looked at the Scout’s record. It looks like someone at the Council office marked Life earned by mistake since the Scout has not earned Star.

Go into the Life rank, remove the completion date and clear the approved and awarded check boxes if they are set then click SAVE.

Yes he did complete both. But some of his other Eagle MBs did not get entered into Scoutbook when we switched over to it. We’re just now finding that out. So when I went in to update award for Star Rank, the system keeps saying that the Envi Sci MB was awarded after the Star award date. He’s got other Eagle MBs that qualify for that.
He was awarded it back in April 2018 and we switched to Scoutbook fall of 2019

so un check Life. then enter Star. wait for system to correct then put back in Life Rank earned?

says I need to complete Star Rank before making changes to Life


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