Syncing parent/guardian connections

I am council registrar. I have a user trying to login to Scoutbook to view their grandchildren’s accounts but they do not see anything except themselves. They are not very savvy with computers or technology so I am having them come down to the office to walk through it. To my knowledge, it looked like they had maybe 4-5 accounts at one time. I merged those in ScoutNET yesterday but they did not know their login and asked if they needed to create a new account.Their ID is 136387205.

3 out of the 4 grandchildren are currently registered, and have the correct connection on ScoutNET.

we have never heard what connections or how connection in ScoutNet move (or if they do) to Scoutbook

I am trying to get them straightened out. Is my best course of action to contact the unit leader to send a connection invite?

the user is connected as Parent to 4 Scouts with last name Hill

Hmm that’s correct then. I am just going off of what they have told me.

has not logged in for 2 years - it is her MYST credentials though so you can reset that password if needed

Thank you for the insight. I will go from there

Quick question. A parent must have a current connection to their child in order to transfer or multiple online correct?

a connection (or whatever it is ) in Scoutnet - yes

I assume, this view in the Scouting app reflects that. We didn’t make these connections. Unless this is from Scoutbook, this is neat.

Scouting App is Scoutbook - some connections come from ScoutNET

These parent/guardian connections - Scoutbook fed?

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