This service is unavailable for Google Workspace for Education users who are under 18 and children under 13

My son has a family-link managed google account and gets this message now for this past few weeks when trying to login into Scoutbook from a browser. Interestingly, it appears that the Scouting app still works, but that may be cached credentials. This is consistent across browsers. Sometimes when logging in the Google icon doesn’t even show up as an option when trying to authenticate. Does this have anything to do with the change earlier this month that enabled me to login without having to click the login button?


Yes it seems google has been tweaking things - I would suggest the parent google account log in to google to see if they see anything in permissions

The content permissions on youtube have changed. When I look at 3rd party apps I see the app listed, but on the is not listed. This is true of both my son’s account and mine.

I do not use google login but I have been seeing a popup to log in with google lately

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