Timezone Incorrect on Scoutbook Calendar Subscription

@DavidO - is seeing a similar thing with a logged in browser session. If i log into the browser to edit the page the times flip to 11pm for meetings. Kinda crazy… but in edit mode i do not look at the times

I thought I was there.
Since the times were correct in private browsing, I thought maybe I needed to expose my IP/location to get it to work correctly (thinking about this now, it makes no sense…) so I changed everything to allow google.com to see my real IP and check my location. Then I emptied my history and restarted my browser.
Now I can see your pack and troop calendars at the correct time.
I expect that had more to do with the cache clear and restart than the IP address (will verify that in a sec).
Unfortunately creating a new calendar event led to the same issue as before.
I may unsubscribe and resubscribe and see if that changes anything.

@DanielSmith14 - i am more than willing to help work through this but as you can see it is a convoluted mess with many moving parts

I think my issue is with the way Google Sites calendar gadget displays versus how the code embedded Google calendar displays.

My calendar gadget (the lower gray one) is showing correct, now that we’ve “sprung forward.” Now they’re showing the same. It was an hour off. I think the site calendar gadget view just doesn’t adjust for the time change. Kind of odd that it does in the embedded view, but not the gadget view.

I have a community ticket open with them. May have to jus move them all over to the code embedded ones. That would solve it.

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