Total Hiking Miles by Scout Report

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Among other roles, I am my Pack’s Advancement Chair and Hiking Coordinator. We give out special awards when our Scouts hit various hiking milestones - 5, 10, 20, 30, etc., miles. I’m also a Pack Admin in Scoutbook.

I can create Events in Internet Advancement quite easily, and specify the number of miles hiked and who attended.

However, I cannot see a way to pull the total number of hiking miles hiked by all active Scouts without going through the individual Scouts’ records or by running a bunch of individual one-year reports.

Is there really no way to easily get total current hiking miles for each active Scout?

Thanks in advane!

In Internet Advancement, click on:

  1. Reports (left side of page)
  2. Reports (tab)
  3. Activity Log Report - View
  4. select Hiking Log, uncheck the other boxes
  5. Select a start date
  6. Run

Thanks, Jennifer!

That’s similar to what I’ve tried, but as I mentioned I can’t get the total activity history for all active Scouts. That gives me the entire history for anyone who has ever been a part of our pack for the past 5 years.

Is that because I only have access to the Activity Summary Report? Does that function differently from the Activity Log Report?

The Activity Log Report works differently from the Activity Summary Report.

I think the Activity Summary Report was designed to include people who are no longer part of the unit (for JTE and other purposes).

Ahah. Okay - so then it looks like I need to upgrade my privileges to get access to the Activity Log report, instead.

Thank you - that (probably!) solves the problem!

Ask one of your pack’s Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) to go to my.scouting and use the Position Manager to add the functional role of Unit Advancement Chair or Key 3 Delegate. The Position Manager is part of the Roster.

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@PatrickPittman just curious, but have you double checked roster in IA? This is where you access Activity Summary Report (and not the reports menu. You have to select some Scouts (hence you can limit to just the current members), then the option becomes available in the roster menu bar to run reports including Activity Log Report (this report is “grayed” in my graphic as no Scouts were selected). If the option is not available, then, yes, you would need additional rights.

@PatrickPittman also, the Activities Summary Report can be limited to just those on the current roster by running from the roster and only selecting the Scouts on the roster (via the checkbox) for whom to run the report (as shown above).

ETA: if no scouts are selected, then it runs for all in the given time period


Thanks, @ZacharyMcCarty !

I usually start from the Roster. I don’t have access to the Activity Log Report; it doesn’t even show up as greyed out on my screen.

However, your second suggestion of running the Activities Summary Report with all the current Scouts selected for “All Dates” actually gets me the information I needed!


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