Tracking PayPal payments in Scoutbook

At the end of the video on the forum New Unit Payment Logs, it shows that once a payment has been made via PayPal, the scout’s updated payment log page shows the PayPal Payment History at the bottom of the page. However it appears that the system does not automatically change the payment log history at the top of the scout’s payment log page from red (negative dollars) to grey (positive dollars) showing the payment has been made.

When we have collected personal checks for payments in the past and credited the scout’s payment log page, the activity/event that was being paid for changes from red (negative dollars) to grey (positive dollars) when the payment is recorded. This color change makes it easy for both the parents and the Key 3 to see immediately if anything is outstanding.

As everyone will be accepting more and more PayPal payments for events/activities, the 2 lists on the scouts payment log page (what’s owed at the top and PayPal history at the bottom) could get very long and will require a careful manual comparison of each line item to ensure everything is paid up. This manual comparison has the potential of creating serious issues down the line such as asking for a payment that has already been made or not collecting a payment that is due.

Will Scoutbook be changing the way it tracks PayPal payments to update the colors? Is there a manual workaround to change the colors now to make it easier for everyone to track payments and avoid any issues?

Also, is there any consideration of being able to hide old transactions so the 2 lists don’t get too long for manual comparison purposes?

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