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Trained leader bug fix, how long to take affect?

My patch still isn’t there. It is there in my.scouting.

I’m not sure it shows up on Scoutbook anymore, @Matt.Johnson.

I know mine hasn’t appeared in Scoutbook for a while, but I’ve been Trained for all of my positions for quite some time now. I just assumed it disappeared with the removal of the Scoutbook training interface.

We are checking with the developers.

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To see the Trained strip, got to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions -> position.

I have asked to have a story added to the backlog to put it on the My Account page for the default position and My Positions page for each position.

I will fix the change log.


I checked and it is buried there. I was looking for it in the past location. Sounds good to add it to the backlog.

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