What is the purpose of changing training codes?

I have an adult leader who has taken S10 “Troop committee challenge”
He completed the course in 2015 and has a certificate in his my.scouting account

In training manager he shows needing ws10 “Troop committee challenge” and is marked “untrained”

I can easily give him credit for WS10, but I suspect there is a reason why codes change.

Is it because the curriculum has changed and instead of expiring the course, the code is changed which triggers a retake to be marked as “trained”?
Is it simply a coding error that needs to be addressed?

Member ID 178507
has certificate for S10 “troop committee challenge”
Training manager shows he needs WS10 “troop committee challenge”

Would you investigate this stat and report back to me the correct procedure to perform?
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I think S10 Troop Committee Challenge was expired - 31-Dec-2011

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I looked at their training record and they never have completed the online training (either the old or new versions). I do see an S10 entry from 2015 and apparently it was not picked up as position trained. You need to open a ticket with my.scouting and have them investigate why this is not triggering as this calculation is done in my.scouting.


Members cannot open tickets. You will need to contact your Council and ask them to open one.

@ANTHONYLOPEZ1 I did some research. The most recent time S10 would mark a troop committee member as trained was from 09/01/2001 until 03/31/2009.

WS10 should be used