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Many positions require the same training modules (Advancement for almost every position in BSA, for example). If I take “Advancement” as part of my Committee Chair training, why do I need to take it again as part of my Merit Badge Counselor training, and again as part of my District Member at Large training?

Shouldn’t the system be able to recognize that the module has been done and give me credit across all my positions?

Also, why is it that retaking a training module wipes out all previous module completions for that course and I have to take it all over again to show as “trained”?

Are these bugs or actual, intended features?

The only time you should have to retake a module under either of those scenarios is if a new version of it was released.

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Position-specific training doesn’t expire. Yes, it’s a best practice to take updated modules, but it’s not a requirement. So having an updated module release should not affect whether the system shows me as trained.

I finished redoing the MBC position-specific training plan earlier today. Then I just went in and started watching the Aims and Methods video again. Now the system shows me as 75% complete. If that’s a feature, it’s not one that makes sense.

That’s correct. If you completed the training for a position that you held, you are always trained. I didn’t think either of your scenarios were that though.

Updated modules does not expire your training for a position. But, if a module is updated, and is required for a different position you didn’t previously fully qualify for, you will have to retake a module.

If it’s a position you have held for a little while and were fully trained for, I’d start by looking under menu > my training > requirements. If it shows the trained patch, don’t worry what it says about individual modules.


Correction to training requirements

This is no longer true for all positions.

Training requiring periodic renewal

Unit leaders, assistant unit leaders, den leaders and assistant den leaders are required to take and maintain current


I do not know how the change in this training status is being tracked and displayed in various reports (myScouting app, etc.)

Some merit badge counselors have qualification training that they need to periodically renew.

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