Training question and complaint

in June of 2018 I did every piece of training available for cubs and Boys — a total of 62 courses—now I still see them as completed and show that they never expire – Aside from YPT and Hazardous weather which expire june of next year

now when I look into the “Requirements” tab I see 40 courses that are not complete …
Am I even considered Trained anymore since I did all of the old courses but not the new ones ?
do I need to do all the new things ?
if the old ones dont count … then why not just remove them from the system ?


Position training never expires. Your old training is still valid and you are still trained.

On Jan 1, 2019 the BSA released updated position training which included new course numbers. This is why you see new requirements. You do not need to take these new courses to remain trained.

On the Requirements tab at, you should see the “Trained” patch if you are trained for your registered position(s)/

like that ?

Yes, that means you are “Trained” in your position as a Merit Badge Counselor.

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If you completed enough “old” training to be considered trained in a position, then the old training counts. If you only did part of what was required to be trained, then the old training is obsolete, as the old modules do not match up with the current modules.

@JenniferOlinger Two follow-up Qs…

  1. Is there a chart/translator that shows which new (CS19) course is roughly the equivalent of it’s SCO counterpart? My council said they can manually apply credit for the courses I completed last Summer - “at least the ones that match up.” I don’t mind taking a couple new ones, but would rather spend my time planning outings than repeating the entire program again. (I already had to do that for YPT after less than 1-yr.)
  2. I’m listed as a Trained Tiger Den Leader, but my den has advanced now to Wolves. Can’t I just be tagged as a generic Den Leader_Trained?
    P.S. Did I miss an announcement or article about the new training? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction for more info?

I can’t speak to #1, but there is a list of BSA training codes at:

For #2, the training requirements used to be different between Tiger Den Leader and Den Leader. I had to re-train when I switched titles, then again when I switched from DL to Webelos DL.

Regarding announcements, there may have been local ones (I got notice from my district training chair), but there was also this article in Bryan on Scouting.

@CharleyHamilton Thanks!

The training requirements used to be different between Tiger Den Leader and Den Leader. I had to re-train when I switched titles, then again when I switched from DL to Webelos DL.

…Now that the training for each level of DL is exactly the same, seems like another argument in support of a single Den Leader title for all levels of Cub Scouting. (IMHO)

That’s an issue for the Cub Scout program team to address.

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And from what I understand they are going to opposite direction - DL will become Wolf Den Leader and Bear Den Leader - so every Den type will have a named DL position - but only the DL one DL patch.

On the BSA page Training for Adults there is a link to this pdf listing the SCO courses and titles by Learning Plan.

That said, I found the new training to be a lot more useful than the old stuff and went and took all the new stuff anyway.

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@DonovanMcNeil if that’s the case (individual DL for each Cub tank), I hope they don’t require every year for a DL to fill out a paper app to change position in security manager and in ScoutBook. That will be a pain.

@ZacharyMcCarty - we have been able to change positions of existing leaders at recharter without new applications. With regard to den leaders it was always without the need of a new application.

Except Den Leaders change rank in June. Waiting until the following year when recharter is finally processed is too late.

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@edavignon Bingo! My point exactly

@edavignon could this possibly become another case of the left hand and right hand not talking? I hope these issues are brought up before such a change is made.

As @Stephen_Hornak said, many people just wait until recharter to update the positions. It’s not worth the trouble when there’s no real benefit to updating them (other than key 3 positions).

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@jacobfetzer, I would, however, there are issues with permissions now such that a Den Leader can’t be added to a Tiger Den without specifically being a Tiger Den Leader. If this logic followed, then there may be further permission issues with assigning Den Leaders. I even ran into an issue with the Scouting app where I could not access it as a Lion Guide, but as soon as Den Leader was added in the Security Manager, I could.