Transfer error between councils

I attempted to transfer my Scout using the procedure for parents transferring a scout between councils. I received the error message that I “do not have permission to access the specified resource.” How can I resolve this?

BSA#: 133272415
Name: (Name removed by Moderator)
DOB: (DOB removed by Moderator)
Current unit: Pack 902, Spout Springs, NC
New unit: Troop 0324 VFW Post 10810 Stuttgart

Are those units in the same council? Are you using “my application” or

I’m guessing not. The troop at least is in TAC.

@ToddSunday, when you log in to, and look under “My Application” in the left side drop-down menu, does your scout’s name appear there? If not, your my.scouting account may not be correctly linked to your scout in the member database (different from Scoutbook).

His information is not there, so I guess we’re not properly linked.

Is that a council registrar fix, @jacobfetzer? I can’t recall if that’s something SUAC has access to or not. I thought not…

Council can add the relationship - as long as both MIDs are in that Council

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Yeah, the old council would need to do it, and the member number with that relationship needs to be set to primary for at least a day before trying.

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Thanks for the help everyone. The old council linked our accounts and the transfer went through.