TRANSFER from Troop 0093 to Troop 0813

We are trying to TRANSFER scout with BSA 137313409 from Troop 0093 in Hoover AL USA to Troop 0813 in Dubai UAE.

Mom’s BSA number is 140566873 Si…a Gu…a

We tried to follow the process in guidelines to do transfers but we received an error message.

Please could you:

  1. Link scout to mom
  2. Transfer scout to new troop in Dubai.

Thank you

@GigiKarschies - the parent is supposed to be able to transfer via beascout apply now for your unit.

Correct, she’s supposed to be able to did try following the steps mentioned in how to Transfer document: Transferring from Another Unit - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

But she gets an error message. When mom receives the Warning message and then clicks on red button TRANSFER, an error message appears.

Please help?

Thank you

@GigiKarschies - so they were following the council to council transfer instructions then ? What is the error message?


The transfer is failing because the Scout and Parent are not linked in Akela. Someone will need to contact their current council and ask them to link the Scout and Parent using the Relationship tab of Registrar Tools. After the Scout and Parent are linked, the transfer tool should work.


Thank you.
Just to confirm you mean Mom needs to reach out to Troop 0093 (the currently enrolled Troop) to make the link.
Thank you

@GigiKarschies - no…the troop cant make the link…the council registrar has to make the link.

It needs to be a council employee, probably the registrar, in their former council.

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Pls see reply mom:
“… I wanted to give you an update. According to our old troop, they have linked my and a……(child) BSA numbers. however I am still getting this error message when I try to transfer my child to the new troop.”

She has tried to do the transfer following the set instructions but she receives the attached message.

Pls advise what we can do?

@GigiKarschies ok I found the other number that has the Scouts attached and made it primary - she can try again.
140575044 - is for council 001 - primary
140566873 - is for council 802

Once she registers them she can go to > Manage Member ID and change the Primary