Transferred AOL scouts problem

cookies cleared, incognito used

Three AOL Scouts were transferred into troop today and all three have the yellow triangle. They also have no parents listed.

You need to wait for an overnight process to run. They should show up on your troop’s my.scouting roster tomorrow.

These first two do not have their Arrow of Light ranks approved in Scoutbook. You will need to have the pack leaders talk to your council to get them approved.

@JenniferOlinger Thank you. I checked the Scouts this morning and the triangle is gone. I will contact the pack leader about their arrow of light. They still have no parents attached and I know on the of the parents was registered with the pack Scout 137170841.

I am wondering if this pack intentionally did not add parents?

@CD32 pretty sure I am right - there are only 4 just parent/guardians on their SB Roster

@DonovanMcNeil I am contacting the pack leader about the AOL rank missing, I will ask her.

@DonovanMcNeil any adults with the initials DR?

@CD32 None with DC in SB

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks

@CD32 glad you replied - I looked for DC - but there is a DR Committee member - that would line up I bet with one of your scouts