Transferred Cub Scouts not Showing Current Advancement Requirements

I have several cub scouts who transferred from Pack 3117, Quivira Council, over the summer. All of them show their appropriate ranks and are in the correct dens. I’m a pack admin and have verified appropriate den leader connections for each scout; however, no one can mark advancement beyond what they’ve already earned. For example, I have an earned and awarded Lion Scout (BSA ID 14482599) now in first grade. The only option in Scoutbook Advancement is Lion; nothing for Bobcat or Tigers. Other IDS: 14482595, 137128708, 14482597, 14388559. Current pack is 3133, Quivira Council

@DouglasVanderhoof are the new scouts assigned to dens? that is what controls advancements in Scoutbook

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They are in 2 different den levels at the same time (for example: Lion and Tiger).

Because they are transfers, you need to add an end date to their memberships in the other pack.


@DouglasVanderhoof - not a bug… just a housekeeping issue related to the transfer. Follow Jen’s advice

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