Transfers added as New Scouts

OK thank you very much for the help!

Can you help me transfer 2 of my scouts to pack 0071? Their member IDs are 137232574 and 135568329. Thank you!

The first thing you should do if have their parents fill out an application. This can be a paper application or an online application by logging into and selecting my applications.

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Hello! I am with Pack 5087 in Alabama. I am trying to transfer
2 scouts Scoutbook accounts from different councils to our pack before they register with our council. I have tried to use the transfer tool on Scoutbook, but it is saying it cannot find the scout. What do I do next? I have checked the scout’s info and it is correct. Thank you for your help.

Can the parents do it in the Scouts membership? @AngeleAshe

I had one parent try and they couldn’t find their scout either. It provides a place for them to enter the pack no. but not the council name

what is the BSA # ? @AngeleAshe

Now that I think about it, he tried to access and transfer through my.scouting website. Should he try through scoutbook?

the BSA 's are 13663131 and 12970383

well he has to register - if he is not registered the only way to do it online is through - and I cannot recall if you have to pay there (as transfers should be free)

The my applications is only for same council transfers

They can do it in Scoutbook - but they still have to register

I saw that Scoutbook recommended pulling over the scoutbook to the new pack before they registered to transfer into the new council so that the old info merges? is that correct? should i just have them register with the new council and then merge their accounts?

it SHOULD work either way - if you pull over early you sometimes end up with 2 accounts

I have a BSA scout that transferred into our troop. Now she has three entries in our troop on scoutbook. Only this entry has her correct rank and completed MB from her old troop:

BSA # 137048458
User ID 11480612

Unwanted copy:
BSA# 137328814
User ID 11921812

Unwanted copy:
BSA# blank!
User ID 11921812

Old troop: 321G, Panama City, FL
New troop: 849G, Houston, TX

She did process a new application through Sam Houston council, so I understand at least one extra entry. Can you walk me through the process to properly transfer her into the troop and delete the extra accounts?

Thank you!

@SammeLansdowne this is fixed correctly now - parents used a different name so the systems could not match her up.

Thank you so much! Super super fast too. I assume that next time I should use the transfer in button instead of having a parent fill out new application. You live and learn.

They still have to complete an application either a paper one or via my application in my.scouting.