Troop admin permissions not sticking with linked troops

None of our leaders in a pair of linked troops can edit/modify/delete a calendar Event that was created prior to the latest updates. We were advised to make sure we are all troop admins in both troops.
We have done this adjustment several times…and it works! But then, the overnight sync kicks us out again.
Help! @jacobfetzer @edavignon.


Post BSA #s and it can be looked at

@LesleyMorrey it is like the charter on the G Troop is expiring every day - you probably need council to send in a Membercare Ticket to National to investigate it

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It’s like “Groundhog Day”! Ha.

@DonovanMcNeil you mean our troop numbers? T163 and 1163 West Hartford, CT.

This is a known issue and has been reported.

@GaryFeutz if its been reported, what is the fix? As noted, this is really an issue for our troops since we’ve created a calendar through June 2024 and literally every entry has both troops listed.

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@LesleyMorrey My comment was simply that the issue is a known issue and was reported to the BSA developers for them to fix.

The BSA doesn’t release a schedule or priority list for fixes. Users only know that something has been fixed when it gets announced in the change logs.

We’ve been told that a solution should be in Weds night. I shall report back on Friday.

Unfortunately, whatever update they pushed Weds night did not resolve our issue. Our permissions on the linked G troop were reset back to key 3 only as troop admins.

Who told you it would be fixed on Wednesday?

Our council put in a case to membercare who said a fix would be put in Weds…specifically…

"Bill Nelson commented:

This is a known issue. Please wait until Thursday and the ending of the Admin roles should not occur overnight anymore. You may have to establish them once again on Thursday."

Please have your council follow up on the ticket.
Thank you for reporting that the issue is not fixed. The programmers have been notified.

I sent you a private message, please click on your icon in the upper right and click on the envelope.

Great. Will respond.

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