Troop Admin (Scoutbook) does not have admin permissions in IA calendar

Our new Troop Outing Coordinator was given Troop Admin permissions in Scoutbook, but when he goes to make mass activity log entries or adjust the calendar in Internet Advancement calendar, he can’t. It is as if his permissions in SB did not transfer over to IA.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

When did the admin position take effect @MichaelAcosta

@MichaelAcosta I could setup a screenshare with user to see

He is actually on the forum here posting on the same topic (Andrew Kelley). I marked him down as a Troop Admin on 4/16/24. Note, just today on Scoutbook, I moved him from USR to Committee Member and made him the Outing / Event Chair.

@MichaelAcosta changes to roles in SB mean nothing in real life - those need to be handled at - Roster - Position Manager

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