Troop Document Library

Is there a section on Scoutbook where we can store troop documents like troop camping policy, permission forms, etc.?

Not directly. Storage is expensive. What we recommend is saving it to a free service, such as Google Drive and posting a link in your unit forum.

@TerriHagan - the broad issue is the cost of fault tolerant, highly available enterprise storage. As someone who works in a data center I can assure you that it is not like buying a USB drive.

@jacobfetzer recommended the approach we typically use. We store interesting stuff on Box (mainly because I have a huge, free, and little used Box account) and post links to the documents in our Troop forum. It’s still a struggle getting all the documents there, but we’re getting better.

As we move the docs over from Scoutlander and individual leaders’ computers, we add comments to the Troop Forum with the links.

We put our documents into our troop forum. It is not ideal, as you can’t sort it the way you’d like, but I did not want to have too many secondary systems. I would like to keep it to Scoutbook for most everything troop related.

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