Troop Guide Reassigned to Patrol they are helping, limits their access to their own patrol

We assigned a leadership role of Troop Guide for Patrol B to a scout who is in Patrol Y. After that takes place, his Patrol is now listed as Patrol B on his information page. He can now interact with Patrol B that he is now taking care of, but can no longer interact with his actual Patrol. If an admin looks, he is listed as in Patrol Y still but from his view in scoutbook he is in Patrol B. Help?

Why do they need to see Patrol Y (most scouts do not even know how to do that) - the calendar works correctly for them

He may still want to email his patrol for events or discussions that are happening with his own set of scouts.

It also is causing him concern that it shows him in a Patrol that isn’t his real Patrol. He is helping out Patrol B, but he is still part of Patrol Y and he thinks he was reassigned to Patrol B and removed from Patrol Y.

Will have to play around as a scout on the test server to see it - it is quite complex

OK i kind of see what they are saying - BUT it is more bizarre than they are seeing - it is going to take a good amount of thought

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