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Troop Library or Bulleting Board function within Scoutbook


I am exploring beginning to use Scoutbook for our troop and set up an account in order to best evaluate. I have not been able to locate a place where we could post a limited number of documents – such as in a “library” or “bulletin board” area of scoutbook that was unique to the Troop. We would post documents such as our bylaws, flyers, and other items that would be helpful for our members to access as needed.

Is there such an area in scoutbook, are you planning on adding one, or is there a work around?

Thank you

Joseph Cleary

Troop 176, Riverside CA

Hi, @JosephCleary,

There isn’t a document repository, per se, in Scoutbook but you can use your unit private forum to post links to the documents, and host the documents themselves on something like Google Drive. The unit private forum should show up at https://discussions.scouting.org/, at the very top.

If it’s not there, you probably have to have one of the Unit Key 3 (SM,CC,COR) enable it from IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.org). If you search these forums, there are several past posts about how to do this, one by me.

ETA: One thing you would need to do, though, it make sure that everyone who’s expected to use/participate in the private forum subscribes to the forum (i.e. sets themselves to “Watching” the top level for your unit forum), or else they won’t get any notices about new posts.

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That’s what we’ve been doing.

Also, the unit forum here on Discourse will allow for some document posting as well.

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